Troubleshooting Steps For Server ActiveSync Status Code 409 With Event ID 3005

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    You may encounter an error message that the event ID 3005 Server ActiveSync status code is 409. There are a number of steps you can take to resolve this issue, which we will cover shortly.


    Activesync From Event Log: Applications, ID Status Code: [409] 3005,

    event id 3005 server activesync status code 409

    Error: Unexpected Exchange Mailbox Server error: Server: [EXCHANGE.yourdomain.local] User: [[email protected]] HTTP status code: [409]. They monitor the correct operation of the mail servers of the Exchange boxes.


    1. Start the Microsoft Management Server (MMS) snap-in for Internet Information Services (IIS) and point to windows the SBS 2003 computer.
    2. node Expand Server NameWeb SitesDefault Web Site.
    3.Exchange-OMA, also right click and do the following:
    1.Check the following multiple options in the “Virtual directory” tab:
    –> The following items are actually checked:
    –> Go to script source
    –> Read
    –> Writing
    –> Search directories
    –> Saving visits
    – Index of a specific resource
    -> Application name is not available and default application is specified.
    –> The “Execute Permissions” setting is set to “None”.
    Parameter–> Sharing: “Application not available” and ExchangeApplicationPool is listed literally.
    2.Check the following items You are on the “Directory Security” tab:
    –> The “Allow unauthorized access” checkbox is considered unchecked.
    –> check Selected on normal built-in windows authentication.Installed by
    –> checkbox Basic authorization check.
    –> The Require search channel at all (ssl) checkbox is not checked.
    3. Properties Close chat exchange OMA.
    4.Right click on Oma and do the following:
    1. Check the following settings tab in the virtual directory:
    –> The following checkboxes are checked:
    –> Read
    –> Journal indexing visits
    –> this resource
    –> Application name starts with /LM/W3SVC/1/root/OMA.
    –> Execute Permissions – Method Scripts Only.
    –> The pool installs the application ExchangeMobileBrowseApplicationPool.
    2.Check the following places in the directory tab Obviously “Security”:
    –> Enable anonymous access is unchecked.
    –> Embedded Windows authentication is unchecked.
    –> The basic “Confirm Authentication” checkbox is normally checked.
    –> Test field “Requires a secure channel (ssl)” is not included.
    3.Close the OMA Properties dialog box.
    5. Right clickCes Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync and follow these steps:
    1.Check the following situations in the “Virtual” tab:
    –> The following Save checkboxes are checked:
    –> visits
    –> Index this resource
    –> Configuration application name: /LM/W3SVC/1/root/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync.
    –> Execute parameter is a permission specific to scripts and executables.
    –> Application settings pool – ExchangeApplicationPool.
    2.Check the following settings in the directories on the “Security” tab:
    –> The Enable Anonymous Login Using checkbox is unchecked.
    –> Embedded Authentication window is unchecked.
    –> The Basic Check Certification checkbox is enabled.
    –> “Require secure channel (SSL)” is not checked in any way.
    6. Run the iisreset /noforce handle to computername, restart iis on this Windows SBS 2003 machine.

    We have received event ID 3005 for several mobile device users who are using ActiveSync validation for their email. They have different brands and models of phones, some of them are related to Windows Mobile 5 half or theme (HTC phones) and notWhich – with Mail for Exchange the (Nokia phones)

    This error appears to ensure that you are referencing deleted items on this phone, rather than re-syncing with Exchange.

    Exchange mailbox server unexpected error: mail [Server] User: [Id De Evento 3005 Servidor Activesync Codigo De Estado 409
    이벤트 Id 3005 서버 Activesync 상태 코드 409
    Identyfikator Zdarzenia 3005 Kod Stanu Activesync Serwera 409
    Ereignis Id 3005 Server Activesync Statuscode 409
    Id Evento 3005 Codice Di Stato Activesync Del Server 409
    Handelse Id 3005 Server Activesync Statuskod 409
    Id De Evento 3005 Codigo De Status Activesync Do Servidor 409
    Gebeurtenis Id 3005 Server Activesync Statuscode 409
    Id D Evenement 3005 Code D Etat 409 Du Serveur Activesync
    Identifikator Sobytiya 3005 Kod Sostoyaniya Servera Activesync 409