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If you have the office Runtime installed on your system, this guide can help you.

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    The Microsoft 365 Access runtime allows you to distribute Access 365 apps to users who may not have the full version of Microsoft 365 Access installed on or on the same computers (as is the case with Microsoft’s Office 365 Enterprise E1 and 365 Business Basic). with office 2019.

    I mention added, d. H Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel, Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word in a personal project.

    The interop assemblies used are designed to help you organize calls in an unmanaged environment. Actually there is no server to handle your complaints (i.e. no endpoint).

    In any case, Microsoft does not currently recommend or support automating Microsoft Office applications using clients and enabled non-application automated interactive components (including ASP, ASP.DCOM, net, NT services) because Office may exhibit unstable behavior and/or display when Office starts deadlock in this environment.

    If you’re building a server-side context-based solution, really try to use secure components These are for automatic use. Or, you should try to find alternatives where at least some aspects of the code can be used on the client side. When using an Office application as a server-side solution, the form is missing many of the features it needs to work properly. In addition, we risk the stability of your overall solution. For more information, see Best Practices for Server-Side Automation for Office.

    If you’re only dealing with open XML documents, you might have the Open XML SDK. For more information, see Welcome to the Open 2 xml SDK.5 for Office.

    But someone who deals with binary file formats will be looking for third party dedicated components to potentially work on the server side.


    What is Vstoee DLL?

    ISTOEE. dll ensures that the correct Visual Studio To tools Office Runtime transcription is loaded for each installed solution and version of Office. While it is often possible to install multiple versions of the Office Visual Studio Guides for Tools on an affected computer only, one instance of VSTOEE.also

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    Visual Studio Tools Lifecycle Policy for Office Runtime

    Learn more about this Lifetime Studio Visual Support Tool Cycle Policy for the Office Runtime.

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    How do I install Office runtime?

    Install it. Frame 4 clean above or. To export a file.Run vstor_redist.exe to configure the Studio Visual Tools for Office runtime. These configuration files can be downloaded from Visual Tools Studio 2010 for the Office Runtime.


    The Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010 Season Runtime (VSTO Runtime) ships with various versions of Visual Studio and Microsoft Office and affects the parent product and parent product support lifecycle.

    Is Vsto still supported?

    All older VSTO solutions will continue to work in new versions of Office as long as the runtime is installed contrary to the understanding that they were designed. Code developed using different editions of VSTO only works with certain versions and editions Microsoft and Office 2003 and related products.

    You can also uploadlearn and install separately. The versions of the VSTO runtime available in Download Center support the full life cycle of the latest version associated with Microsoft Office and available at the time of SA publication.

    What is Vstor_redist EXE?

    You can check most of the file variants returned with the name vstor_redist.exe. These files were mainly developed by Microsoft Corporation. This file is most commonly described as Visual Microsoft Studio Tools for Office 2010 runtime Setup Redistributable. This is an executable file.

    Recommended developers who install a new version of the VSTO Runtime will be sure to suggest their applications. It will be added when running supported versions of Office. If the VSTO Runtime needs only maintenance, the latest versions will be updated.

    office runtime

    The following is the best list of released runtimes and vsto runtimes of the corresponding version of Office that have a specified support lifecycle:

    VSTO version Issue date Microsoft Office Version
    10.0.21022 15.07.2010 Microsoft Office 2010
    10.0.40303 21.12.2012 Microsoft Office 2010 SP1
    10.0.31007 15.06.2011 Microsoft Office 2010 SP1
    10.0.40305 01.05.2013 Microsoft Office 2010 SP2
    10.0.31129 09/01/2013 Microsoft Office 2013
    10.0.40309 18.06.2013 Microsoft Office 2013
    10.0.40820 10/16/2013 Microosoft Office 2013
    10.0.50325 10.04.2014 Microsoft Office 2013 SP1
    10.0.60301 September 22, 2015 Microsoft Office 2016
    10.0.60715 20.07.2015 Microsoft Office 2016
    10.0.60724 24.07.2015 Microsoft Office 2016
    10.0.60825 11/19/2016 Microsoft Office 2016
    10.0.Office 60828 12.01.2018 Microsoft 2019 and
    Office Info 365

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  • 1. Download and install the Restoro software
  • 2. Open the software and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

  • For more information about the Office Support Lifecycle, see the Office Lifecycle FAQ – Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

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