Returned Error 259 Easy Fix Solution

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    This guide will help you if you notice the 259 error being returned. The error code 259 means that the configuration timed out.

    Stop wasting time with computer errors.

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  • 1. Download and install the Restoro software
  • 2. Open the software and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

  • I want to boot TrueCrypt Rescue Disk from an important USB drive. I have 64-bit Windows 7, so I can’t use Grub4Dos (it only works on 32-bit systems) in conjunction with 99% of all the documentation on how to create a USB backup, which itself yourself on Grub4Dos.Got

    So I tried a device called FlashBoot, but couldn’t figure it out. I have done some operations using usb, FlashBoot which does USB boot from ISO DVD. But on the grounds that I got lost and what I was doing was not cheap, I abandoned the FlashBoot method and simply formatted the USB drive.

    I then found the following way to use the syslinux Des instructions for ideas:

    Mephisto wrote: Okay, this method has worked for others:

    1. Format the USB stick with
    2. fat

    3. Download the latest SYSLINUX package.
    4. Extract
    5. My syslinux archive (if the latest syslinux-3.70. will be zip


    6. Actually, only two files need to be archived: syslinux.exe andfrom the win32…. directory and from the current memdisk directory memdisk.
    7. Assuming your usb drive has the letter X, then the following command works: syslinux x:
    8. Your USB stick should then have an important (hidden) file named ldlinux.sys
    9. Also, download BBIE (any other image extraction you see fit).
    10. Assuming your USB drive has the letter X, run the bbie command in exactly the same way: TruecryptRescueDisk.iso. After that, the process should create a file named image1 name.
    11. bin

    12. Rename image1.bin to something like tc.img
    13. Copy (extracted file) earlier and memdisk tc.To img USB key is yours
    14. Create a file named syslinux.cfg on the USB stick with the following: default memdisk initrd=tc. img

    I have accepted the notification instructions. Before that, I configured the USB again this time as with Fat32 16k. I then wanted to reboot the system. I saw this (larger version):

    returned error 259

    Well, is there any reason why the FlashBoot bootloader exists? It looks very fantastic. I formatted Ucomplete sb-key, formatting only took a few minutes. Moreover, after little seeing it, I formatted it as 5 and went through the described instructions several times and still see this type of screen.

    Does anyone know where I’m wrong?

    returned error 259

    I’m asking the specific question here and not on some of the Truecrypt forums because they really wince when people ask this question a lot because it’s been answered so many times already. You just won’t help. However, my case has not been answered by many in tutorials on the Internet.

    Create Rescue Disk

    Before my husband and I can begin our encryption course, we must take a very important step in defense. We need help creating a rescue disk. This rescue disk serves the following purposes:

  • If the TrueCrypt bootloader screen does not actually appear after loading the hard drive (or disk if Windows never boots), the TrueCrypt bootloader may be corrupted. You can use the TrueCrypt Recovery Disk to recover it and restore access to your password-protected system and data(but be aware that you will still need to provide feedback in order to correct the password).
  • If you enter the correct password several times a day, but truecrypt indicates that the password is incorrect, the Comprehend key or other important data may be corrupted. The truecrypt recovery disk will prompt you to restore it, which means that you will have access to your system and your encrypted data again (but note that you will still need to enter the correct password).
  • If the TrueCrypt bootloader itself is corrupted or infected with malware, you can avoid the connection by booting directly from the entire TrueCrypt recovery disk. Insert the rescue disk into your CD/DVD drive. Then enter your password on the main Rescue Disk screen.
  • If frozen and won’t start, TrueCrypt Rescue Disk allows the partition/disk to be decrypted before Windows starts.
  • Your TrueCrypt recovery disk contains a backup copy of the contents of the original real disk track (created before the TrueCrypt bootloader wrote it to the blog) so that you can restore the device if necessary. The first track mapped to the boot drive is aboutusually defined contains the boot loader or boot manager.
  • You then need to burn this ISO image to your hard drive: Windows now offers some hard drive burning features, but does not handle ISO files natively. Luckily, truecrypt thought of this and also provides handy software links for documentation (

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    Error Devuelto 259
    반환된 오류 259
    Zwrocony Blad 259
    Returnerade Fel 259
    A Renvoye L Erreur 259
    Vernul Oshibku 259
    Geretourneerde Fout 259
    Restituito L Errore 259
    Gab Fehler 259 Zuruck
    Retornou O Erro 259