Having Problems With Your Servlet’s HTTP Connection?

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    If you notice a servlet HTTP connection, this guide will help you. An HTTP servlet is a special type of servlet that processes an HTTP request or provides an HTTP response, usually in the form of an HTML validation. WebLogic Server fully supports servlets based on the http defined in the Sun Microsystems Servlet 2.3 specification.


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    Major number Title and title description 1


    Specifies which types the browser or other clients can handle. The values ​​image/png or image/jpeg are the two most versatile options.

    2 servlet http connection

    Accept encoding

    This heading specifies specific character sets that the browser can use to display this information. For example, ISO-8859-1.


    Accept encoding

    This heading specifies the types of encoding that some browsers can handle. gzip from or Compress are the two most common options.


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  • Accept language header

    This language becomes the client’s preferred language if the servlet can produce results when multiple languages ​​are used. For le en-us, fall en, ru, etc. Header

    5 servlet http connection


    This is actually used by customers to identify themselves when accessing password-protected websites.



    This zagThe tin specifies whether the client can monitor persistent HTTP connections. Persistent connections allow a client or other browsers to retrieve multiple files with a single request. An interesting persistent approach is to use this instead of persistent connections.


    Content Length

    This header only applies to POST requests and specifies the size in bytes of the POST data.



    These headers send cookies back to the servers that previously sent them to the browser.



    The header contains the available host and port specified in the source URL.


    How any request is processed in HTTP servlet?

    When the servlet receives a specific request, the server forwards the request to the web container. The web container is specifically responsible for instantiating the servlet, i.e. creating a new processing thread for the request. The task of most web containers is to send a request and a response to a servlet.


    This heading tells the client that all pages are only needed if they were recently modified after the specified date. The server sends a 304 code, which always means that the title has not changed if there are no recent results available.



    This heading is now the opposite of If-Modified-Since; it describes that the operation shouldto be successful if the document is older than the specified date.



    This heading specifies the URL of our reference web section. For example, if you are on web page 1 and click on a link to a web page, the URL of step 1 of the web page will be included in the link headers when the browser requests web page 2 .

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    User agent

    This header identifies alternate browsers and clients requesting a return of different content for different browser types.

    Major number GetCookies() method

    Description and return 1

    cookie[] The array consists of all the cookies sent by the client with this request.GetAttributeNames()



    an enum is each enum containing the names associated with the attributes available for that request type.


    getHeaderNames() enum

    Returns all enumeration of special header names in the request.


    getParameterNames() enum

    Returns an enumeration of any String objects named Parameters included in this request


    HttpSession getSession()

    Returns the immediate session associated with this request and creates a session if the request does not have a session.


    HttpSession getSession(boolean creation)

    Returns the HttpSession associated with this key facts query, or, if there is no doubt that there is no current session and the value associated with create is true, returns a clean session .> 7


    Returns the preferred locale in which the client will accept content, the en function from Accept-Language in the header.


    object getAttribute(string name)

    Returns the value of the named attribute on the object, as null or if the attribute with the given common name does not exist.



    Retrieves the system’s internal request as binary numbers using a ServletInputStream.


    string getAuthType()

    Returns the phone of the authentication scheme used to secure your servlet, for “BASIC” in the argument sense, or “SSL” or null if the JSP is currentlyt is not protected.<

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    How servlet handles HTTP requests also give an appropriate example?

    The doGet() method is called by the host method via service() to process an HTTP GET request.A Go to TV Set up a servlet for HTTP GET listening requests.This example overrides HttpServlet’s doGet() method loopback to process an HTTP GET request.process

    string getCharacterEncoding()

    Returns the type of character encoding name contained in the body of this proximity request.


    String getContentType()

    Returns the MIME type, I would say the request body, null or if the type is far from known.


    String getContextPath()

    Returns the request part of your current.URI that specifies the request context.



    getHeader(Stringname) returns the value of the given request, even if the header is a string.


    String getMethod() exact

    Returns the name of the HTTP method used to make the request, be it GET, POST, or PUT.


    String getParameter(Stringname)

    Returns the value of a query parameter attempt as a string, or null if the parameter simply does not exist.GetPathInfo()



    string returns any additional path information comparable to the URL sent by the client in this request



    Returns the name of getProtocol() and the protocol version of the request.


    How do you handle HTTP request using servlet?

    For HTTP requests found in a servlet, extend the HttpServlet module and override the servlet methods that handle HTTP requests handled by a single servlet. In this tutorial, as shown, handle GET POST and . These requests are handled by the doGet and doPost methods.

    getQuer stringyString()

    returns a query string with the request url wrapped in an actual one after the path.GetRemoteAddr()



    String Internet Protocol (IP) address of the requesting client.



    Returns getRemoteHost() the full name of the client that sent the request.


    Line Each getRemoteUser()

    Returns the users that completed this method’s request if the user was found to be authenticated, or null if the user was not authenticated.


    getRequestURI() line

    Returns its part from this request’s url, the protocol name before the successful query string in the improbable HTTP request string.


    String getRequestedSessionId()

    Returns the session ID provided by the current client.



    Returns the getServletPath() part pointed to by this URL request calling the main JSP.


    String[] getParameterValues(Stringname)

    Returns a set of String objects, each containing an application setting associated with values,or null if this parameter does not exist.

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